Our intense communal involvement includes responding to numerous requests to our organization for psychiatric help.

Consequently, Chessed Umarpeh has built a staff consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to treat people, especially children, suffering from a broad range of problems. The excellent teamwork by the staff enables the development of viable solutions and returns these people to their normal lives thus reducing long-term or lingering suffering.

Especially today, with so many dangerous security events occurring in Israel, the need for psychiatric care has risen sharply.

Demands on the limited resources provided by local governments or the national health services resources has been seriously outstripped, to the point that in all too many cases no solution can be provided within a reasonable time frame.

Appointments through regular channels are delayed for 6 to 10 months. Those who turn to us are given an immediate response, which begins the process of easing their burden and improving the patient’s situation at home, among their friends, and at school.

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