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Our Goal is To Provide the Best Possible Service To all the needy Regardless of Religion or Nationality

Chesed means excellence in constant help

Our Services

Helping nursing people by volunteers for physical and mental support with medical staff and everything with a smile :)

Dental Clinics

The organization provides dental care for the needy within the population with the best dental practitioners using the latest equipment.

  • The Chessed UMarpeh Organization has dental clinics in Rehovot and Kiryat Sefer and receives referrals from the Municipal Social Services Departments as well as from other area municipal authorities. It also advertises in the media to publicize this service. The clinics provide treatment for those unable to afford it at the rates charged by the health services dental clinics or by private dentists.
  • A very wide range of treatments and related services are provided for a nominal fee. These include filling cavities, root canal work (simple and complex), crowns and dentures. The ancillary services include dental x-rays – both status and panoramic. CT scans are provided at half the regular price.
  • A special emphasis is placed on the use of latest methods and equipment in treating the patient as well as prescribing preventative care in order to avoid further problems.
  • Those applying for this service are required to provide the relevant documentation demonstrating their special need and financial limitations.
  • Contact us at 08 949 5080


Volunteers provide help for patients requiring special medical assistance in hospitals and elsewhere, including visits for moral support,

  • , for example after chemotherapy treatments, or after surgery that requires a lengthy hospital stay for rehabilitation.
  • Chessed Umarpeh volunteers also help with feeding patients who have limited motor skills in situations when the regular medical staff is unable to provide the required degree of help. Without this labor of love, many of these patients would simply starve silently.
  • Further, our volunteers often act as messengers for patients, who are unable to take care of their personal affairs such as filling prescriptions, paying bills, shopping, etc.
  • Together, these types of support require hundreds of trips via car or taxi every month.

Medical Advice

Real time medical advice is given in the ICU or at the patient’s bedside and at critical moments when crucial decisions need to be made

  • and the family is reeling from shock. Helpless, often unable to properly understand the medical problem, those who turn to our organization receive an immediate response combined with maintaining close contact with the hospital’s doctors, or doctors from outside the hospital, all under the guidance of the organization’s founder Rabbi Fisher who responds to inquiries 24 hours a day.
  • We assist in setting up appointments for second opinions, treatments or operations, by giving real time responses and afterwards following up hand in hand with the patient until a full understanding of the problem is obtained and its solution reached.
  • And all this is done in cooperation and coordination with the patient's doctor in order to help obtain the best possible professional opinion.
  • Our close and supportive personal rapport that encourages the family is a central pillar and unique cornerstone of the organization's activities.
  • When the uniqueness of the situation dictates the need, the organization consults with additional doctors - even doctors overseas – to establish joint meetings to reach a decision about the best path for continued treatment.
  • For telephone consultation call... (08) 949 5080
  • From all that has been said above, one can clearly discern the uniqueness of the Chesed Umarpeh organization. On one hand, we keep close contact with the patients and on the other – we arrange consultations and follow up with the doctors treating the case in real time throughout the entire period needed, which often turns out to be very long indeed.
  • And in those situations in which the family is unable to pay for a second opinion, the organization covers the necessary expenses, doing our best to ensure the best possible medical care and guidance for every single patient who contacts us.


Our intense communal involvement includes responding to numerous requests to our organization for psychiatric help.

  • Consequently Chessed UMarpeh has built a staff consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to treat people, especially children, suffering from a broad range of problems. The excellent teamwork by the staff enables the development of viable solutions and returns these people to their normal lives thus reducing long-term or lingering suffering.
  • Especially today, with so many dangerous security events occurring Israel, the need for psychiatric care has risen sharply, and the demands on the limited resources provided by local governments or the national health services resources has been seriously outstripped, to the point that in all too many cases no solution can be provided within a reasonable time frame and appointments through regular channels are delayed for 6 to 10 months. Those who turn to us are given an immediate response, which begins the process of easing their burden and improving the patient's situation at home, among their friends and at school.
  • Contact us at 08 949 5080


The organization provides a very important service by providing transportation of patients scheduled for treatment in a hospital

  • or a visit to a distant physician and are unable to arrange this for themselves. The service is free, requiring only that the patient request the service 24 hours in advance.
  • Chesed Umarpeh provides free transportation to the following hospitals in the center of the country:
  • Assaf haRofeh .
  • Tel haShomer .
  • Beilinson .
  • Ichilov .
  • A days notice is required to arrange this transportation. Requests can be made by phone at (08) 949 5080.


מאגר התרופות המצוי בארגון מכיל קשת רחבה מאוד של תרופות, המשרתת אלפי פונים הנהנים מקבלת תרופות חינם תוך שימת דגש על עזרה בשני אפיקים :

  • 1 . באפיק האישי. תרומת תרופות אותם אנו מעבירים לאנשים מעוטי יכולת,שאין ביכולתם לרכוש תרופות עקב מצוקה כלכלית בביתם.
  • 2 . באפיק הלאומי. משרד הבריאות מממן תרופות בשעור של 80% מערך התרופה ואף יותר מזה .
  • למסירת תרופות ניתן לפנות דרך האתר או לטלפון 08-9495080
  • כמו כן ניתן להגיע ישירות למשרדי חסד ומרפא אשר ממוקמים במרכז רחובות בכתובת הבאה:
  • רחוב בנימין 12 פינת רחוב הבנים.

"חֶסֶד וֶאֱמֶת נִפְגָּשׁוּ צֶדֶק וְשָׁלוֹם נָשָׁקוּ"

עזרה לאנשים סיעודיים על ידי מתנדבים בבתי חולים, תמיכה נפשית אחרי טיפולים כימותרפיים קשים, או אחרי ניתוחים קשים האכלת אנשים מוגבלי תנועה, אספקת מזון לאנשים מעוטי יכולת אספקת תרופות, סידורים מנהלים בקופ"ח ובביטוח לאומי וכו.

See Rabbi Simcha Kook ,Chief Rabbi of Rehovotin emotional video About the activites of Chesed Umarpeh

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What is

Our Organization

The original Chesed Umarpeh Organization, founded over 30 years ago, was dedicated to providing support to the needy elderly in Israel. Over the years, we have expanded the scope of our activity to assist many other segments of the population in need. The first case was a young woman who was in a coma after giving birth to triplets. The organization’s volunteers tirelessly continued to assist her, day in and day out, and the fact that she is alive today is due to their unending dedication. Because of their age her parents were unable to visit her or help so she turned to us and became the first patient supported by Hesed Umarpeh.

Rabbi Chaim Fisher

Chairman of the Organization


Many of the Chesed Umarpeh organization's activities are carried out not only by paid staff but also by volunteers who include:

Office personnel | Doctors| Nurses | Social workers | Teachers and Special Education teachers | Speech therapists | Physiotherapists | Psychiatrists | Psychologists| Drivers and deliverymen | Alternative health practitioners

The addition of these factors is indeed vital to the very existence of the organization.
Anyone interested in volunteering their personal expertise and skills in even the smallest way is welcome to contact our office at tel. (08) 9495080.



Your donation can be sent by check or bank transfer.

The Internal Revenue Service has awarded Chesed Umarpeh tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code therefore donations are deductible for purposes of U.S. Income tax when made through the American Friends of Kindness and Charity.
For a U.S. income tax deduction your contribution can be made by check payable to:
American Friends of Kindness and Charity
C/O Rabbi Hirschberg
405 Av F
Brooklyn, NY 11218
or you may send a check payable to Chesed Umarpeh to our office:

Chesed Umarpeh
P.O. Box 631
7610604 Rehovot

If you are making a bank transfer from outside of Israel the transfer should be made directly to the following Chesed Umarpeh bank account:

Account no. 409845191
First International Bank
IBAN code: IL260310-290-000-000-845191
Branch 29
188 Herzl St


You may view Chesed Umarpeh's official authorizations online (in Hebrew):

Tax-Deductible Donations (U.S.A) 

 Organization Registration (Israel) 

Authorization of Proper Management (Israel)

Qualification for Tax-Deductible Donations (Israel)

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Chesed Umarpeh

Binyamin12 corner of habnim

Chesed Umarpeh
P.O. Box 631
7610604 Rehovot
For delivery of medications, you can contact 08-9495080 or 054-5432134